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Welcome to the centennial of the poet Olav H. Hauge and the composer Geirr Tveitt. Born in 1908, Hauge and Tveitt both hailed from the Hardanger region in western Nor-way. Their works are considered to be two of the most valuable productions in Norwegian poetry and music from the 20th century, appreciated by critics, scholars and wider audiences alike. As playwright, and fellow Hardanger native, Jon Fosse puts it:
For much is different and richer because Olav and Geirr have lived and worked. One can actually say that what one regards as poetry has changed after Olav’s poems. And what one considers music has changed after Geirr introduced his music to the world. And of course also Hardanger has changed, changed in appearance, changed in sound – yes the word itself means something else now.

The centennial is over. We would like to thank our partners from around the world.

Hauge's biography

A life in books, and in the every day.

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Tveitt's biography
The life of Geirr Tveitt was full of drama, of glorious artistical triumphs, and devastating tragedies.
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December 2008
08th December 10:00 am, Litteraturhuset, Oslo, Norway
Seminar: Den kompliserte arven – Geirr Tveitt and Knut Hamsun
11.12 Rotterdam, Nederland
Kristin Mulders, Knut Christian Jansson and Bjørnar Habbestad: Concert
14th December, Ibsen Festival, New Delhi, India, 8:00pm
Presentation of Hauge-poems translated to hindi. Concert with Sju vindar.

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